Sandstone Retaining Walls

Custom Rock Walls have demonstrated experience in constructing sandstone retaining walls, boulder retaining walls, custom rock walls and general landscaping to the highest standards. We have been building retaining walls in Australia since 2006 and our quality is second to none.

Retaining walls can be one of the most important parts of your landscaping project.

Why a Sandstone Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are used for garden wall construction where the soil needs to be kept at different levels on both sides of the wall. The retaining wall’s purposes is to restrain the soil on a slope, where the soil would otherwise erode and quickly wear away. Retaining walls are ideal for steep vertical or near vertical sloping land. Sandstone retaining walls are timeless, unique and beautiful whilst being functional and practical. They absorb water, and allow drainage to occur when it is needed.

Benefits of Sandstone

Custom Rock Walls use sandstone of a high grade and quality, sourced from superior Australian quarries. Quality sandstone boulders and bricks are perfect for creating superior stone walls for your Queensland home. The many benefits include:

  • A look that is classic and ageless
  • They are suitable for any type of garden whether modern or traditional, small or large
  • Sandstone blocks or bricks can be used in many areas of the garden including feature walls, paving, tiles and sandstone steps to coordinate the best look for your outdoor area
  • As sandstone is incredibly pourous it can store a large amount of water when required, which is perfect for helping with drainage
  • They create a beautiful, timeless, and unique look and feel
  • Sandstone is extremely durable, long lasting and weather resistant. It is perfect in the harsh Queensland climate and is able to withstand heavy rains, floods, and cyclones if necessary
  • Many different colours and shades are available
  • This is a natural stone which is eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Sandstone retaining walls are purposeful as well as beautiful

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    Types of Sandstone

    Sandstone has a unique, stylish and elegant look and feel. Its look is such that it suits both modern and traditional home landscapes. It can be used in city, suburban or country gardens with stunning results.

    It is available in various shapes and sizes to suit your individual design preference, and is available in both boulders and in bricks.

    A Grade Sandstone

    This quality unique premium sandstone will add value and beauty to your outdoor area. The stones are wheel sawn and are cut on 5 sides. These high-quality A Grade sandstone bricks are a luxury product that will add value to your home.

    B Premium Sandstone

    This sandstone is similar to A Grade (cut on 5 sides), but varies in length and quality.

    B Grade Sandstone

    B Grade sandstone is cut on three sides. The sandstone bricks are wheel sawn. B Grade sandstone is ideal for retaining walls and is the most popular of all types of sandstone. This product is of superior quality and has a natural, less formal appearance than A Grade sandstone.

    Random Sandstone

    Random sandstone has a natural finish and a more rustic look than other sandstone types. It is more informal than A and B Grade sandstone. The stone is cut in various shapes, sizes and lengths for a purposefully uneven and unique appearance. Rustic Sandstone is the cheapest variety of sandstone brick.

    Quality Workmanship

    Custom Rocks Walls are a Queensland firm. We have been in business since 2006. We are QBCC certified and can produce engineering certification upon request. Council approval advice can also be given.

    We build retaining walls that last. As well as sandstone retaining walls, we also build quality sandstone steps, rocks walls, boulder walls and provide superior landscaping project services for a new look for your outdoor area. All of our products are built using quality Australian materials and solid construction methods. We service from Byron Bay area to Brisbane Area.

    Improve the value and overall impression of your Gold Coast home with a quality sandstone retaining wall by contacting Custom Rock Walls today for a free quote.