Boulder Walls

Custom Rock Walls are a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who provide quality services from all areas between Byron Bay to Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. Although it may seem simple, building boulder walls is actually quite technical. The spacing of the rocks, gravity, and stability need to be addressed, as well as compliance with engineering and building certification standards and ensuring that the end result is both attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Custom Rock Walls have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and qualifications and have been building rock walls since 2006.


We are certified by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBBC). Engineering certification is also available upon request. We can also assist with advice regarding Council approval for your boulder rock walls.

In most suburban areas any type of retaining wall that is built over a certain height requires Council permission. It’s important to be aware of Council regulations.

Benefits of Boulder Walls

Rock walls have an attractive look and feel and will complement any garden or outdoor area. Commonly used as retaining walls to prevent soil erosion, boulder retaining walls will not rot and erode as timber retaining walls do. There is no risk of termite infection when boulders are used. They are practical and long lasting, as well as pleasant to the eye.
Boulder rock walls are versatile and will suit various landscapes. They can be used as garden beds, for fire protection, and as a feature, as well as retaining walls. They look fantastic and will suit both modern and traditional landscapes.

We are able to remove your existing timber retaining walls and replace them with sturdy and durable boulder rock walls.

Whether you are wanting to make changes to the outdoor area of an existing property or require retaining walls for your new home, Custom Rock Walls can help. We also build beautiful and functional sandstone walls and budget rock walls.

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    Bush Rock Boulders

    Bush rock boulders will complement an older property or a new home, or commercial or industrial premises. The beautiful, impressive and unique features of our quality bush rock boulders combine with the robustness of the boulders to achieve an outstanding result that is both practical and visually appealing.

    We use quality Australian Bush rock boulders sourced from Queensland quarries.

    Quality Workmanship

    Custom Rock Walls have many years of experience and been designing all types of rock walls, including boulder rock walls, boulder retaining walls, and sandstone walls, since 2006. Our professionalism and quality is first rate.

    Walls are built to the highest standards, and every aspect of the project from design to engineering to delivery and construction is completed by us.

    Our project managers will create and present engineered drawings and inform you on the expected timeline and budget required for the project. They are also environmentally conscious and will be mindful of minimising the impact on the surrounding natural environment.

    We communicate with you at all levels of the project.


    Call Custom Rock Walls today for more information on Council regulations, outdoor designs and planning and achieve an attractive, unique and structurally sound rock wall.